Tips for Thunderbird

Thunderbird (TB) is the state-of-the-art free replacement for Microsoft Outlook.

At the time I update this, TB is currently in V60.

For the best TB experience, it is important to have:
— Thunderbird
There is only a 32-bit version.
Download it:

— Dictionaries
The following dictionaries are the most important ones:
 1) English;
 2) French;
 3) German;
 4) Spanish;
 5) Portuguese.

Download them:
The Portuguese default dictionary is the reform.
Download the prereform:

— MRC Compose (Add-on)
Provides three standards fields (TO, CC, BCC) with autocomplete to the compose pane.

— Enigmail (Add-on)
Adds cryptography to e-mails: signing, encrypting, decrypting and verify the authenticity of messages.
Requires external software.

— ImportExportTools (Add-on)
Adds tools to export/import (backup) messages and folders.

— Grammar Checker (Add-on)
The best grammar checker around, based on LanguageTool.

— ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange (Add-on)
Provides access to message reading and contacts for users of Microsoft Exchange Server version 2007+.

— CardBook (Add-on)
The best address book around.

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Last update: 1.Jan.2019