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V3.0 build 140 — 14.Feb.2019
© 2013–2019 Marco A.G.Pinto and Community Contributors.
Freely distributable/modifiable under the Apache License 2.0.
The logo was designed by Pedro Marques.
Most of the software icons are from OpenOffice.
 en_GB Dictionary:
 I am improving the British open-source speller.

  — Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey (2.69)
  — OpenOffice (2.68) / LibreOffice (2.68)

  — English Dictionaries Project


  — WORDLIST (217 232 words — 764 new)

 Version: 2.69 — 1.Feb.2019

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PTG — About:
An open-source linguistic tool coded in PureBasic for editing the Dictionary/Thesaurus/Hyphenation/Autocorrect files of OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, provided they are in UTF-8 format.

This program was originally developed to easily edit the synonyms of OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

I had this idea after asking the persons in charge of the pt_PT project, from Minho University in Portugal, what I should do to suggest synonyms since only suggested words for the Portuguese speller were added.

I was told that they didn't know how to add synonyms since the guy in charge of that project left it long-ago (2006).

Later, I wanted to make it compatible with Firefox and Thunderbird, after it became possible to edit dictionaries. I hoped that in the future someone would use it in Thunderbird and fix the en_GB speller which was full of typos and missing words. Since no one volunteered, I took this task myself in 2013.

This is where my idea came from: develop something easy to use since I tried some official tools for the tasks and I didn't understand anything on them, not even how to use them.

My tool is so intuitive that even a child can use it.

25.Aug.2013 I released a "forked" en_GB speller V2.00. The speller has been made available to OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. So far, I have added 80 828 words (as of V2.69).

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PTG — Why PureBasic:
I use PureBasic for all my projects because
"I like it simple and powerful".

This language is very easy to use and powerful, it produces compact and very fast executables, and has multiplatform support.

It is
"Basic" only in the name and in the syntax.

I reached the conclusion that this is what I have been after all over these years.

Like Linus Torvalds, I use the
"best tool for the job", even if that includes proprietary software.

Proofing Tool GUI 3.0 build 128 — PureBasic IDE screenshot

You can know more about PureBasic here:

Or visit the forums:

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PTG — Update (Recent Changes):
V3.0 beta is very stable and a lot better than V2.3.

V3.0 build 139: Better decoding of affix rules, including dots, by using the RegularExpressions library.

V3.0 build 132: Major UX improvements.

V3.0 build 130: "Check for Updates" customisable (manual, daily, weekly, monthly).

V3.0 build 128: Massive speed gain in Hyphenation and Dictionary processing.

V3.0 build 123:
"Check for Updates" now detects new builds and coded the Hyphenator.

On build 140:
Fix: Removed flag "=" to be recognised as morphological information on dictionary load;
 — Dictionary editor now has in the pop-up menu
"Copy word & rule";
 — Minor speed up decoding affixes;
 — Replaced prefix flag
"O" with flag "^" GB rule in .AFF Aid Language by Ding-adong;
 — Started coding
"Show/Merge/Delete duplicates .dic" (only "Scan" and "Export" working);
 — Dictionary words editor now allows to jump to flags position also in Linux and Mac.

On build 139:
 — Better decoding of affix rules, including dots, by using the RegularExpressions library;
 — Better icon for help;
"unduplicate" is now called "deduplicate";
 — Two new dictionary options (not working yet):
   1) Show/Merge/Delete duplicates .dic
   2) GB to AU/CA/NZ
 — E-mailing Marco in the About window now adds the PTG version+build to the subject;
 — Added new GB rule to .AFF Aid Language created by Ding-adong.

On build 138:
Fix: Preferences: Combobox icons with colours now appear straight in Linux;
 — Preferences: If
"Maximise window" height <600 pixels, the radio button gets disabled;
 — CIRCUMFIX finally coded.

On builds 134–137:
 — Compiled with PB 5.70 LTS;
 — Major speed up in
"AC Validate" in Ubuntu, thanks to the forum user #NULL;
 — Added one sentence in check for updates, if up to date:
"Your version is up to date.";
 — Coding of
"Bulk import" for dictionary+thesaurus+autocorrect;
Fix: "Bulk import" was doing undo for dic + thesaurus + autocorrect (for all on abort);
 — Import the places/people names now accepts empty dictionaries;
 — Linux:
"Bulk Import" and "Import Proper names" can now close the window in the gadget;
 — Edit/New Dictionary word window now shows
 — Edit/New Dictionary word nows shows
 — Edit/New Dictionary word now supports two instances of
"0" in the rules;
Fix: replaced regarding prefixes conditions_per_line_sfx$(4) with conditions_per_line_pfx$(4);
 — Coded the
"CIRCUMFIX" flag (doesn't decode properly yet, just informs if it is used);
 — Import places/people names now also removes the chrs
"<", ">", " - ", " − " and " — ";
 — Replaced some more
"words" with "dictionary words";
 — In the
"Statistics" the total number of words is now a StringGadget (can copy its contents);
 — Now the dashes are larger in the confirm quit for files changed;
 — Now the dashes are larger in the copyright years, PB version and About window;
 — Added two
"Copy" (to clipboard) buttons in statistics;
 — Preferences now has an option for
"Both" in Affixes (CIRCUMFIX);
 — Improved the warning message when
"AC Validate" is selected and there is no dictionary.

On build 133:
 — Check for updates now checks if build on the site data is outdated;
 — Allows to import places/proper names with possessives (it still doesn't check if the flags exist in any position);
 — Better Linux icon;
 — Better looking logo in the about window;
 — Updated the check for updates URL;
"Recent Files" menu item now has an icon;
 — If checking for updates and found, the OKAY button now directs the browser to the download bookmark;
 — Pop-up menus now use the flag: #PB_Menu_ModernLook (Windows only);
 — Floppy icon on tabs (blue/red);
 — Coding of the
"AC Validate";
 — Replace the warning
"No words found." with "No dictionary words found.".

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PTG — Known issues in Linux:
Ubuntu 18.10 no longer brings GTK2. To run PTG, execute in the terminal: sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0

PTG V3.0 build 120
(PureBasic 5.62) went back to GTK2 due to a serious GUI issue in Ubuntu 17.10.

PTG V3.0 build 90
fixed the performance issue. I use dynamic arrays to store the words instead of placing the whole list in ListIconGadgets, and I show the entries 13 (customisable) words at a time. Most operations are ultrafast with the new code.

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PTG — Downloads:

 — V3.0 build 140 (beta)
MANUAL (semi-finished — 2019-01-31)

  Windows — 7+
    x86 & x64 — Download
Extension used: ZIP
       SHA-512: B59BB7FE1BDBEC166D49167E0482B60E48BA78E3A486A56BACF828B4B260EFFF1ABDEB33C95E350DFB2B2C003A0C8691E6C99F68E741DF8875B8AC032C3C8C70

           SIG: Download SIG (rename to:

  Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu — 16+
    x86 & x64 —
Download (x86 support removed)
Extension used:
       SHA-512: E4AC42CB8EE8EDF9A2AAFE30FB14424DD2944907E5C4DCE464D01FB4EB86550DC165639FFCB606D83A432784C7217A5715FFAF31002E8823F0B238677E57F7AB

           SIG: Download SIG (rename to:
  macOS — X
    x86 & x64 — N/A*

Extension used: DMG
       SHA-512: N/A
           SIG: N/A

 * I have no macOS.

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PTG — Screenshots (V3.0 build 132):
(click on images to enlarge)

  Windows 10.0.17134   Ubuntu 18.04

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Last update: 14.Feb.2019