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V3.0 build 198 — 8.Sep.2022
An open-source multiplatform advanced linguistic tool.
© 2013–2022 Marco A.G.Pinto and Community Contributors.
Freely distributable/modifiable under the Apache License 2.0.
The logo was designed by Pedro Marques.
Most of the software icons are from OpenOffice.
The emoji icons on the webpage are from Wikimedia.
The background was designed by Chris from CAM Development.
 en_GB Dictionary:
 I am improving the British open-source speller.

  — Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, BlueGriffon (3.1.3)
  — OpenOffice (3.1.3) / LibreOffice (3.1.2 — moderated)

  — English Dictionaries Project


  — WORDLIST (269 252 words)

 Version: 3.1.3 — 1.Oct.2022
 — 705 new words (1)
(1) Added tons of plurals/possessives (WIP).

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Proofing Tool GUI — About:
An open-source multiplatform advanced linguistic tool coded in PureBasic for editing the Dictionary/Thesaurus/Hyphenation/Autocorrect files of OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, provided they are in UTF-8 format.

This program was originally developed to easily edit the synonyms of OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

I had this idea after asking the persons in charge of the pt_PT project, from Minho University in Portugal, what I should do to suggest synonyms since only suggested words for the Portuguese speller were added.

I was told that they didn't know how to add synonyms, since the person in charge of that project left it long-ago (2006).

Later, I wanted to make it compatible with Firefox and Thunderbird, after it became possible to edit dictionaries. I hoped that in the future, someone would use it in Thunderbird and fix the en_GB speller, which was full of typos and missing words. Since no one volunteered, I took this task myself in 2013.

This is where my idea came from: develop something easy to use since I tried some official tools for the tasks and I didn't understand anything on them, not even how to use them.

My tool is so intuitive that even a child can use it.

25.Aug.2013 I released a “forked” en_GB speller V2.00. The speller has been made available to OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. So far, I have added 132 829+ words (as of V3.1.3).

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Proofing Tool GUI — Why PureBasic:
I use PureBasic for all my projects because
“I like it simple and powerful”.

This language is straightforward to use and powerful, it produces compact and very fast executables, and has multiplatform support.

It is
“Basic” only in the name and in the syntax.

I reached the conclusion that this is what I have been after all over these years.

Like Linus Torvalds, I use the
“best tool for the job”, even if that includes proprietary software.

Proofing Tool GUI 3.0 build 176 — PureBasic IDE screenshot

You can know more about PureBasic here:

Or visit the forums:

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Proofing Tool GUI — Release Notes:
V3.0 beta is very stable, and it is the latest release.

V3.0 build 197: Now compatible with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

V3.0 build 195: Dropped support for 32-bit OSes, and the Linux version requires GTK 3.20 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or above.

V3.0 build 187: PureBasic 5.73 LTS fixed Hindi and Korean fonts. Major GUI/UX/stability improvements.

V3.0 build 169: PureBasic 5.72 LTS beta 2 updated all libraries, fixing a vulnerability in the RegExp library.

V3.0 build 168: All files saved/exported now use UNIX line endings, plus UTF-8-BOM.

V3.0 build 147: Preferences allow choosing the font for the language.

V3.0 build 146: Added support for GTK3 (requires Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or above).

V3.0 build 145: Coded “GB to AU/CA/NZ”.

V3.0 build 144: Real time refreshing dictionary flags, Hyphenation improvements, coded “Show/Merge/Delete duplicates .dic”.

V3.0 build 139: Better decoding of affix rules, including dots, by using the RegularExpressions library.

V3.0 build 132: Major UX improvements.

V3.0 build 130: “Check for Updates” customisable (manual, daily, weekly, monthly).

V3.0 build 128: Massive speed gain in Hyphenation and Dictionary processing.

V3.0 build 123:
“Check for Updates” now detects new builds and coded the Hyphenator.

On build 198:
 — Compiled using PureBasic 6.00 LTS;
 — Fix: Wordlists importing would cause refresh of GUI;
 — "Crunch words with flags (Marco Pinto - GB)":
Fix: It now recognises POS information;
   2) Fix: Use wrong flag for 1 chr words for non-derivable words;
   3) Major speed gain: around twice the speed;

   4) Added
"Characters match" tab;
   5) GTK3 ready.
 — Updated colour constants to 2022-08-06;
 — Included common_procedures_20220814;
 — Coded statistics by letter and statistics are now GTK3 ready;
 — The Master wordlist extraction now has a button to extract uppercase-only words;
 — "Extract to bottom" in pop-up menu now has "(PFX)" and "(All)";
 — Initial support for mouse wheel scroll in the virtual ListIconGadgets

 — One procedure for all tabs to update the virtual vertical scroll bars;
 — Removed from LanguageTool part "-ize/-ise .txt (English)";
 — Coding of "Sort regexp";
 — New pop-up menu option "Copy flag rule" in dictionary editor;
 — Added option to Language Specific Tools: "Convert XML tags to accents wordlist (very slow)".

On build 197:
 — Updated PureBasic to 6.00 beta 8, now compatible with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS;
Fix: It now correctly enables the undo/redo buttons on each tab and menu items.

On build 196:
 — Updated PureBasic to 6.00 beta 6;
 — Tip on prefs improved and changed position;
 — Prefs default to full-screen resolution and three simple rule for number of lines in full screen;
 — Main GUI 100% Ubuntu 20.04 LTS gadgets size;
 — Moved up the gadgets 7 pixels on each tab of the main window;
 — New Linux icon in 64x64;
 — add-on image 24x24 now is grey when no add-on opened;
 — Replaced
"Filename:" with "File:";
 — Disable main GUI for input/output operations;
 — Started working on the use of .xpi/.oxt;
"Words missing in Master Wordlist" shows filesizes in ListIconGadget;
 — Words editor now has a tip saying that COMPLEX PREFIXES are not supported yet;
 — Edit autocorrect, the text boxes now have red ink for incorrect and green ink for correct;
 — LanguageTool: Improved the extract rules structure information;
 — Optimised the .AFF decode cache;
 — Included common_procedures_20220210.

On build 193–195:
 — Updated PureBasic to 6.00 beta 1;
 — Improved GUI to GTK 3.20 (Ubuntu 20.04);
 — Initial support for
"AutoText" (view only);
 — Added
"eye glasses" to "read only" files (AutoText + LanguageTool);
 — Added
"trashcan" image to clear the file history in the menu;
 — Coding of
"Delete Duplicates small wordlist (very slow)";
 — Started showing the time taken in timely operations (WIP);
 — Add-ons icon for open .xpi/.oxt (still not working);
 — Improved the LanguageTool Structure Extract;
 — Included common_procedures_20211130b.

On build 192:
 — Fix:
"Show/Merge/Delete duplicates in .dic" would not detect "All Prefixes";
 — Improved "GB to AU/CA/NZ/ZA (Marco Pinto - GB)";
 — Rewrote the
 — Added spaces on left regarding autocorrect (prefs + core);
 — Added tab
"AutoText" plus corresponding places in the last files list;
 — Updated the common procedures to V20210720.

On build 189–191:
 — Fix: Root word in exporting as .CSV;
 — Fix: LanguageTool: Trying to export empty rules structure now shows
 — Fix: Fix font issue in Prefs;
 — Improved
"GB to AU/CA/NZ/ZA (Marco Pinto - GB)";
 — Cleaned the Prefs code and disabled 1024x resolutions in it;
 — Improved LanguageTool rules decoding;
 — Created an option in the pop-up menu
"Extract to bottom" (not working yet);
 — The sizes of load/save main files for each tab shows the files label. Ex:
"(aff:1 MB)+(dic:10MB)";
 — Cleaned the code;
 — Updated the common procedures to V20210703.

On build 188:
Fix: Bulk Import: empty lines aren't added to the .dic;
 — Replaced all
"Okay" occurrences with "OK" (Olivier Hallot);
 — Options that use file open/save show on the status bar the filesize after "OK.";
 — Prefs:
"0" disables above N words warning (Olivier Hallot);
 — LanguageTool:
   1) Basic support to open a grammar.xml file;
   2) Bulk Import Multiwords now accepts more POSs + combo box improvements;
   3) Added menu item to export rules structure.
 — "Show/Merge/Delete duplicates .dic":
   1) Now has the
"Process" + "Export" button disabled if results=0;
   2) Now uses an EditorGadget line buffer to avoid refresh CPU load.
 — Added menu item to delete duplicates small wordlist;
 — Extract wordlist as CSV now has a
"Root_word" field (Shantanu Oak);
 — Updated the common procedures to V20210113.

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Proofing Tool GUI — Known issues on Linux:
PTG V3.0 build 197 (PureBasic 6.00 beta 8) is now compatible with GTK 3.24.33: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

PTG V3.0 build 196 (PureBasic 6.00 beta 6)
and below breaks with GTK 3.24.33 which affects Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

PTG V3.0 build 195 (PureBasic 6.00 beta 1)
requires GTK 3.20 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or above.

PTG V3.0 build 146
(PureBasic 5.70) requires GTK3 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or above.

PTG V3.0 build 120
(PureBasic 5.62) went back to GTK2 due to a serious GUI issue in Ubuntu 17.10.

PTG V3.0 build 90
fixed the performance issue. I use dynamic arrays to store the words instead of placing the whole list in ListIconGadgets, and I show the entries 13 (customisable) words at a time. Most operations are ultrafast with the new code.

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Proofing Tool GUI — Downloads:

 — V3.0 build 198 (beta)
MANUAL (semifinished — 2022-08-14)

  Windows — 7+
    x86 & x64 —
     Extension: ZIP


Download .SIG (OpenPGP) file
  Ubuntu — 20+
    x86 & x64 — Download PTG (Linux)



Download .SIG (OpenPGP) file
  macOS — 10.11+
    x86 & x64 — Download PTG (Mac) N/A*

     Extension: ZIP



 * I have no macOS.

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Proofing Tool GUI — Screenshots (V3.0 build 150 — 2019-07-18):
(click on images to enlarge)

  Windows 10.0.18362   Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS